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Why You Need Stability

  • By Gary Markowitz
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Thanks Anna Kemp Targoniy - for sharing and for training in our yoga wear - we appreciate the love!

"Work on stability is never an easy job, but your body will always be thankful for it!

Improving your stability can help you with everything from competing in sports, to being able to walk up and down the stairs easiest! Especially as we age, our bodies need more and more practice just to do daily tasks without injuring ourselves! When you improve leg and core stability through training, you will feel much more free and light in every movement you make all day 😬☺️

This suit from @lillianbfashions is amazing for training or anything where you will want to do a lot of free movement. You hardly feel like you wear anything at all! 🙊 I really am in love and I am sure you will too!"

Anna Kemp Targoniy is a professional model and beauty blogger. 

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